Singing In The Rain: U2 @ Marvel Stadium, Melbourne. November 15th 2019.

I was a bit emotionally exhausted for a day or so afterwards. U2 shows tend to do that to me. When you see that band in person, they really take you on a ride. A proper, loud, brash, thoughtful, get-up-out-of-your-seat emotional rock and roll experience… and they do it to me every single time. I […]

The Slovenian Tyre Incident

I loved almost everything about Slovenia, and I get the feeling that if they spent a few trillion bucks on infrastructure and marketing that their popularity as a tourist destination would rival any other European country. Slovenian scenery is world class, right up there with the parts of Switzerland I have seen, but Slovenian roads… […]

Fleetwood Mac And The Art Of Concert Etiquette

My first live Fleetwood Mac experience was in Perth in the late naughties, with the classic line-up minus Christine McVie. It was pretty damn good. The second time was a few years ago in Melbourne with Christine McVie back in the band, and that time it was damn near perfect. They started with The Chain […]

Tipping Culture

I recently returned home after a three week Canadian adventure which blew my mind in about seventeen different ways. I loved pretty much everything about it. Canadian nature, Canadian cities and towns, and above all Canadian hospitality. Canada ain’t cheap, actually it’s the most expensive holiday I’ve ever had, but it is a world class […]